Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy composition but nice result

Want to composite images? You only need 10 minutes. You may not believe but it's true, I will show you some tips to combine two images easily. This photoshop tutorial will be very useful for the beginners.

Step 1
Open two images you want.
Step 2
Place the an image above another, like this
Step 3
Press Ctrl + T to resize the image, to match with the background below.
Step 4
Then, choose the Blending Option is Multiply mode. The key point here is to keep all dark pixels and get rid of all dark pixels in the image.
Step 5
Next, duplicate the layer, then use the Eraser tool to delete white-area, you can also delete hair area of the boy and the girl and don’t worry to loose any details because all dark pixels are kept by the below layer.
Here is the result
Step 7
Go to the menu Image -> Flatten Image to merge all layers, then use any lighting adjust tool to fix the lighting balance, in this case, I use the Curves tool like this.
The final result is here

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